Proprietary Technical Swing Trading Strategy

proprietary technical swing trading strategy


Trading Philosophy

Our forex trading team has always been advocating low risk and high probability trading approach. We do not scalp the markets. Instead, we are position traders and we take on positions using our own proprietary swing trading strategy.

We have always been able to position ourselves strategically at points where reversal is often least probable. This is the logic which our proprietary system is built upon. Our system allows us to take a very relaxed approached without participating in high frequency trading. This allows us to spend more time on more constructive actions like taking quality positions and managing profits.


Fully Focused on Quality. No Gimmick

Marketing frivolously is not our style. All of our traders know that we manage trading groups/ threads and forums seriously without over-promising. We quote practical goals and achievable results. We have always been sharing trade setups, trade results and even real losses. We do not guarantee 100% win rate since we cannot achieve it ourselves. But, we can offer you a consistent proprietary swing trading strategy which we have been using and sharing it for years.


Key Product Differentiation

We do not claim that we have the best trading strategy as systems have different performances to different users. But, if you belong to the following, then we will be able to help you improve your trading further;


Trader type 1: Understood candlestick patterns in trading, yet could not achieve positive and consistent results.

Our answer: In reality, not all candlestick patterns are worth trading. Some candlestick patterns have higher failure rates than the others. Some candlestick patterns are worth trading as reversal signals while some others are worthier to be traded as continuation signals.

Most traders simply saw all candlestick patterns as equally effective in their trading and could not comprehend why they still sustain a fair share of losing trades despite knowing candlestick patterns theories, reading and application inside out. We trade differently because we know which are the ONLY candlestick patterns that can be traded. This is the differentiating factor we have in our trading system compared to others.


Trader type 2: Often get stopped out for positions that eventually turned profitable.

Our answer: Simply, most traders often entered at the wrong place. Traders did not enter at the true support/resistance zones. A true entry point with low risk and high probability elements will not easily invalidate because these areas are supported by huge orders that serve to prevent the market from going against you. These are the entry points we are in and want you to be in.


“REP” Income Trading System Preview

Most simply do not trade like the way we do. We use our very own developed trading systems which we are definitely sharing it at a price that worth its value. Our goal is to help traders benefit while remunerating our own efforts and experiences. Our forex trading team is upfront, sincere and honest about our marketing aims.

We certainly believe its value and want these systems to be in your hands as well as those who appreciate our practical way of trading. We are here to share and establish a long-term mutual win-win situation between us. Our business of sharing will stay together with your trading journey.


Proprietary swing trading strategy .Own the system that grants you an edge for your future trading. Start profiting and enter positions with low risk of reversal.

.Seize our full trading plan including our trade contingency plans (entries, exits, trade management, cut positions).

.Adopt relaxed and stress-less trading routines with our proprietary “REP” Income Trading System.


Pages of "REP" Income Trading System


Product Learning Features

  • Establishing Market Swing Structures

Solidify understanding on ebbs and flows of the markets and learn the basis of market swing structures.

  • Identification of Dominant Trend Sentiment

Confidently determine the dominant trends to align trade ideas and trade positions with market swing structures.

  • Snipe Precise Retracement Points 

Use proprietary trading system and technical indicators to spot hidden retracement zones at strategic market swing structures. Position at these low risk high probable zones ahead of momentum breakout/ trend resumptions.

  • Combination of Trade Management & Contingency Plans

Use a combination of trade management techniques and contingency plans to manage entries, exit profit targets, manual stop-loss adjustments and risk to reward (RR).



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